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How We Generated over $200,000 Worth Of Business In Two Days For Our Client

Nothing makes us happier then exceeding a clients expectations and helping their business become more profitable!

A client (let's call them Company A) who runs a boutique expo came to us to run a social media campaign to drive attendees to the expo.

We had just 3 weeks. 3 WEEKS.

Usually we would suggest starting at 6 weeks out from an event to develop a strong strategy and ensure it is executed to perfection. But, we love a challenge and this was going to be one.

Step 1: Outline Client Objectives & Budget

Company A's main objective was to increase the attendee numbers from previous years. Last year they had 300 visitors so this year 400 was our target.

The budget was flexible but as social media managers, we always ensure our work is cost-effective so set a limit that we knew we could deliver with and Company A would generate back from having quality attendees

Step 2: Identify & Understand Your Target Audience

This is the big one. As Company A's audience was very niche (females aged 24-34 in 1 location) we knew the expo had to be enticing and meet their specific needs. Social Media acts like 'dragging a horse to water' but if the product or in this case, event, doesn't meet their needs they are not necessarily going to 'drink'. With this being said, we assisted the expo managers in coming up with an inspiring and interesting expo that talked directly to what their audience wanted. With this in mind, our social media strategy started to take shape.

Step 3: Organise Content & Adverts Needed

As we only had 3 weeks to promote this expo, we wanted to create a sense of urgency and need to attend with the goal that the audience would tag their friends and family for this 'must-do'.

We also didn't have a lot of time to pull together a range of content pieces so opted for 4x informative boosted posts, 1x boosted event and 1x Facebook Advert.

That's a total of 6 Social Media Pieces to bring over 400 attendees.

By having only a small amount of posts meant each post contained important and engaging information all with a high proportion of budget. This is allowed engagement (likes and comments) to be concentrated to only a few places giving the illusion of high demand in a short amount of time.

Step 4: Get The Audience To Attend

By far the hardest part. You can reach 100's of 1000's of people but having them actually attend is difficult.

To ensure they did actually attend, we also ran a valuable giveaway that each attendee could win if they came to the expo.

So not only had we created high demand online, but also a real-life need at the thought of winning something.

Step 5: Deliver

The day the expo came is when you see if your social media strategy was strong or a complete flop.

10am the doors opened and people flooded through, excited for the inspiring event we had promoted and the chance to win the giveaway.

As Saturday turned into Sunday, the event got busier- a first for the 5 years the expo had been running. We knew the expo had been a success and couldn't wait to put numbers behind it.

The results:

Total attendees were 450 (our goal was 400) and every single visitor was valuable to exhibitors. For the first time ever, all exhibitors had bookings and multiple pages of leads to chase up.

We crunched some numbers and worked out that the average revenue generated in direct bookings per exhibitor was $10,000 meaning that the total income generated was over $200,000 in just 2 days!

In addition to this, we spent just 30% of the previous years total budget, making the expo more profitable than ever before.

If you are wanting your business to be heard online, get in touch with us- we won't let you down.

For the purpose of confidentiality for our client, no names or actual figures are given.