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Are You Getting A Return On Your Social Media Investment?

In a world full of colour-coordinated Instagram profiles, perfectly laid out flat-lays & creative promotional videos, the important numbers can get lost.

What do I mean by important numbers?

The Return On Investment.

Why is ROI important?

In any business, no matter how amazing your branding, product photography or videos are, sales & profits are what keep you alive (no surprises there). So when looking at your content creation or social media, figuring out how to cover your costs and generate profit should be your main priority.

So how can you do this?

Look at the total cost of the services you are receiving and question whether that cost will be recovered directly from that content? Will the $2k video generate you $2k return (hopefully more) and how long will that return take?

If the time frame is too long or your answer is 'No' look at other options.

Having quality content is an ideal situation for any business, but if the numbers don't add up there are other options!

- Look at taking photos yourself- smartphones have great features & quality so learn how to use them and go for it.

- Find templated video apps to create eye-catching videos with the content you already have (photo or video). Check out for some great templates!

- Find a social media manager that can work with what you've got. I always say 'it's not what you post, it's how you post it' meaning even if your content isn't 'amazing' we can still make it work and perform- you just have to get creative.

Example video with stock images:

At MarkITing, we understand the importance of ROI and if (for example) that video is not going to generate the desired return in a reasonable time frame, we get creative and look at other ways we can market your business.

Our social media services can include basic video creation for a fraction of a professionals cost- we can even use any current footage or photos and make them work!

We also take this approach when figuring out a monthly budget for social media- ensuring that your business will generate a return is our number one goal!

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